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  • By Scotty A
  • 22 Mar, 2017
Finding the most usable synthetic urine product is not that hard to accomplish. Here are some of the biggest names.

Nowadays is quite common among employers to check if their workers are using illegal substances. For once, some may say that lurking in someone’s personal life is heavily overstepped social boundary. Others will say that knowing whether a certain worker is using drugs can determine the level of confidence in their employers. The truth is somewhere in the middle and it’s not that well outlined, like for example in athletes. We can all concur that using illegal substances in sporting activity is wrong and should never be used. But no one can determine the extent on how much drugs can influence someone’s work load.

Enjoying the best out of both worlds will require a high-quality product.

First stop in our list is X-Stream Synthetic Urine. Many people have reported successfully cheating their drug tests, while using the mentioned product. When you buy the X-Stream synthetic urine kit you will be presented with two bottles. Inside the package, a handy instructions guide is included to guide you through how to use your product. In addition, the package contains a heating pouch to prepare the urine for the important day. One thing to know about the X-Stream Synthetic Urine is that some users have reported that the dosage was not sufficient enough to fill the given cup, thus resulting in test failure.

Next is the Magnum Synthetic Urine. Out of the box customers will see just one bottle and a handy pH test strips. Buyers can check the pH level of their purchase with the given strips. In addition, a user manual can be found in the box where you can familiarize yourself with the heating procedure of the urine. Read the manual carefully as some users reported that the color in the pH strips did not change to the corresponding one and they ended with failed test results.

Sub Solution on the other hand has marvelous reputation among users. The main goal behind the product is to provide customers with undetectable and of course toxin-free synthetic pee. And with what we can see in user reviews, the team backing up the Sub Solution have done a remarkable job. One of the main characteristics that make the Sub Solution synthetic urine so superior is the included heating powder that will set the proper temperature of the liquid in a matter of seconds. Another thing to consider is the money back guarantee that the manufacturer is offering to buyers. Diving a little deeper in the ingredients section you will find more than enough supplements including uric and urea to pass your drug test.

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