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Synthetic Urine Kit: What's Included And How To Use It

  • By Scotty A
  • 31 May, 2017
synthetic urine kit
Though legal marijuana is allowed in a number of US states and some countries across the world, many companies still require urine tests as a prerequisite of getting a dream job or being promoted. Since it is unlikely that cannabis policy will change soon, workplace drug testing will go on, and synthetic urine will be in demand. Urine tests that are most commonly used for such purposes are difficult to fabricate. The reason is simple: traces of marijuana can be detectable in one’s urine sample for about a month. This is where many smokers understand they need bolder solutions.
One of such moves could be the use of synthetic urine – the substance that can work miracles for you! Quite a number of people are using synthetic urine to pass their drug tests, so methods of detecting fake pee are becoming smarter and more intricate. And such are the ways to deliver fake urine test results.

Synthetic urine kit: an ideal urine simulation product

When one needs to simulate real urine, there is perhaps just one product that works impeccably irrespective of the way the test is conducted – a synthetic urine kit .
Synthetic urine kits contain all the major components of natural urine, including uric acid . If the kit has powder inside, all you need to do is mix it with water and attach the heater next to the temperature mark on the vial. Once you do this, you will notice that the resulting sample smells and looks as an organic liquid that is totally devoid of drugs. In laboratory conditions, it makes a favorable impression as well, so you do not have to worry about the correctness of your test. In fact, synthetic urine has never failed a test: it is free of toxins, and drug testing machines cannot reveal its true origin.

What does a kit include?

Except for the powdered urine, the synthetic urine kit normally includes an air-activated heater, a sheet with tips, a temperature strip, and a plastic medical vial. For the test to be accepted, you need to submit the minimum of 2 ounces of urine. Make sure that the temperature ranges from 90 to 99 degrees: for this purpose you will use the temperature strip and the heater. The strip is reusable, but the heater can operate for a limited period of time, so inquire when exactly you will have to take the test. There is no drama in spoiling the heater or running out of it: an additional heater is enclosed in a package or can be bought on the Internet.

How to use a synthetic urine kit?

Preparing you first portion of fake pee is as simple as pulling a radish in wet weather! First, you need to pour the urine powder into a tube and fill it with water to the top. As you do this, you can fix the cap tightly and shake the mixture as long as it takes for the powder to be dissolved. Next, you should find the heater package and extract the heater out of it. Sticking the heater opposite to the temperature strip, you will always know the temperature of the liquid in your tube and keep it within reasonable limits. If the urine is too cold or hot, the test will arouse doubt and mistrust. You will have to either bring the temperature up or blow to reduce the it.

How to pass the urine drug test successfully?

Don’t fail to ask questions. Contact your friends and email the supplier of synthetic urine kits to get the answers you need. Prior to the test, experiment with the temperature strip and the heater – you need to learn properly how to handle the temperature. Check if the heater is not located too close to the temperature strip, otherwise the latter may be heated. Having the sample ready is not enough to succeed. Think about the best possible way to sneak into the bathroom and expose the prefabricated test sample.
No matter how simple the whole process may seem, it is a stressful situation which may influence you adversely. If you really have to use a synthetic urine kit, make sure you have taken all the details into consideration and are confident of your performance.

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